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CorDEX explosion proof digital camera product imageNext generation explosion proof digital camera launch

Posted on: 24th, February 2011

CorDEX Instruments, the leading manufacturer of explosion proof equipment, is launching its next generation of digital cameras – the ToughPIX 2300XP series – at the HazardEX exhibition today (Wednesday, 23 February) in Harrogate.

The revolutionary explosion proof camera – with fully automatic strobe flash, interchangeable lenses, digital zoom and red-eye reduction, has been evolved further and can capture still images in extreme, low light situations at the simple touch of a button.

ToughPIX XP Series, is a new service line of cameras which are ATEX and American CSA certified to take images within Zone 1 IIC T4 and Class 1 Division I B, C, D hazardous areas. The ToughPIX 2300XP series is more streamlined than its predecessor and includes still and moving images in AVI format of up to 10 mega pixels.

ToughPIX enables the documentation of equipment and processes to happen at an instant. The industrial grade exterior provides tough protection and the large function buttons, with 6X zoom and flash, make it easily operated, even when wearing protective clothing.

Last year CorDEX Instruments developed its first ATEX certified handheld explosion proof digital camera the Centurion XP to great acclaim but the technology market does not stand still. The newly refined ToughPIX 2300XP series has been improved to provide customers with the best product on the market.

Director Marcus Halliday says the new camera is an essential piece of kit for offshore workers and his team have gone one step further to ensure its customers’ needs are being met.

He explained: “The new ToughPIX shows our commitment to the oil and gas industry. The revolutionary flameproof camera has been designed to highest safety standards to be used in dangerous explosive areas, where traditional cameras are not permitted. It is lighter and smaller than the previous model. It complies with stringent offshore health and safety regulations and cuts out the requirement for hot permit certificates.”

He added: “Safety in the workplace is a major concern for companies and staff especially in places that are classified as high risk where it is crucial to eliminate the source of ignition which can come from electrical devices. We have further designed this camera to be as simple to use as every-day cameras with all the functions you would expect from a top-end model and more.”

Images can be reviewed on the ToughPIX’s armoured LCD screen located at the rear of the camera in real-time – on the field on platform. With an onboard memory of up to 8GB, the device can store hundreds of pictures which can be easily transferred via high speed USB communications link to PC, upon returning to a safe area.

The new product is being launch globally across the UK and European markets as well as in the States, Middle East, and Asia Pacific, the hubs of the oil, gas, and energy markets.

The Yorkshire-headquartered company recently opened a new office in Aberdeen’s Regus Business Centre to focus on supplying quality ATEX certified hand held products directly to the global energy industry.

Halliday explained: “There is nothing out there to rival our products and the possibilities for use offshore are endless. In the harsh and demanding energy sectors, our suite of explosion-proof equipment is robust enough to provide reliable results for our clients.”

CorDEX has already established a reputation since it was launched in 2009 in the mining and chemicals sectors and is now positioning itself to become the UK premier manufacturer of explosion-proof equipment for the oil and gas industry.

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